Pricing and feature comparison of all our products and solutions.

$149 per month

*first 25 devices

$99 per month

*each additional 25 devices
Average Battery Life (Temperature Dependant)
3 years
24-7 Continuous Monitoring (5 minute interval)
Monitor Vibration, Kurtosis, Temperature, Run Time
Receive Local Notifications to Mobile Device
Scheduled Data Collection Activities
Automatically or Manually Set Alarm Thresholds
Trend Machine Data (1 hour interval or on alarm)
Analytical Tools (Download TWF, FFT data)
Product Machine Level Reports
Plant Level View of all machines
Plant Wide Performance Monitoring
Plant Level Reporting
Upload and Store Machine Documentation
Customized Machine Health Reports
Scheduled Team Data Collection Activities
Assign Multiple Sensors to a Single Asset
Assign Location Hierarchy - Plant Area, Zone, Asset